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The school is located in the Jinfeng Township of Taitung County. The school district includes the “flatland area” (Jinlun Village, Taimali Township) and the “mountain area” (Binmao & Liqiu Village, Jinfeng Township). It is west of the Pacific Ocean, and east of the wandering mountains of Central Mountain Range. The landscapes are really fantastic here.

Jinlun Village, which is south of the New Xianglan Village, and north of the Binmao and Duoliangn Village, is known as it’s famous hot spring scenic area. Jinlun Hot Spring Area is one of the important tourist property of Taimali Township. The area is rich in geothermal hot springs, and is passed by the South-Link Line (railways) and South-Link Highway. The traffic condition is convenient and fast.
Binmao Village is located in the hilly terrain on the left bank of Jinlun valley. The community connects the scenic spots of Jinlun Hot Spring, and is passed by the Taitung Township Road 66 and Provincial Highway 9. It’s also convenient for transporting, and is the gateway to Liqiu Village, Hot Spring (Wenquan) Tribe, and Dou-Fei-Lu Hot Spring. It has a great potential for tourism. The place called Binmao was named ”Djumulj”, which meas “plentiful harvest”. Before the Restoration (Taiwan history), each tribe scattered on the land of upper Jinlun River. After the Restoration, the Government decided to combine the four old tribes up there into a village for easier ruling. The ”Djumulj” was the biggest tribe there. Then, the place they moved in, is now what we known as Binmao.
Liqiu Village is located on the bank of middle Jinlun River of Taitung. It is an aboriginal community consists of Paiwan and Rukai, and was recorded since the Dutch Formosa era, named ”Rulakes”, which means “camphor trees”. This village sits over the Jinlun Hot Spring with brilliant views, surrounded by the mountains. There is warm and comfortable during the seasons. It’s a best place to avoid from a hot summer, and has a lot of scenic spots, campsites, and resorts. It’s a good choice of outdoor activities.

We presently get 158 students in the elementary department, and 46 students in the kindergarten department. There are 204 students in total. It’s the greatest amount from the 30 elementary schools of “mountain area” in Taiwan.

The community is mostly build up with aboriginals from Paiwan, and some Rukai, Amis, and Puyuma as well. The residents are simple, honest, and deligent. They lived on agriculture mostly. The parents are usually busying for farming, has less time for taking care of the children’s studies. However, the tourist industry intends to combine with the culture development in the recent years. They tends to make the aboriginal culture into a trend for development, and the school will be working at integrating the feature of campus with the resources from the community, for designing several various learning program to offer the students better perspective and opportunities. Thus, besides the teaching affairs, it’s more essential for teachers to be concerned and support the students’ needs. Step by step, help the students stand on positive living and learning standards.